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to support it, this is surprising, mitt romney. >> that doesn't surprise me, everybody is out there worried about winning votes and it's up to the american people whether they want to read the ryan plan and hear the cold hard facts and decide they'll get behind somebody who will actually do something about it. beyond that, this is a real, open to debate about what is the role of government. what is the social contract in this country? ultimately as a nation, we've go to decide that. >> and you know what's interesting, picked 55 as the age, the cut-off for this hand other to the new medicare. and i don't know if i'm for or against that because i'm just under, but that was interesting. >> a couple years left. >> unfortunately, it's getting very close, i would say this, as an ad i think it's particularly effective. i was distracted by the weekend at bernie and the faces and sfupd stuff. >> neil: to adam's point they do it all the time. when you know that it happens and anyone tries to move the ball, why bother. >> paul ryan, basically, simple. other ad throwing granny off the cliff. >> neil: b
nomination and rick santorum and ron paul is campaigning in the sun flower state and mitt romney and newt gingrich opted out of last minute visits and santorum camp is confidence of a win. stay tuned for fox news channel for more 1 p.m. eastern. and not exactly the get away vehicle, oh, no, a man in new mexico under arrest after leading police on a chase in a stolen school bus. check it out. the wild ride caught on tape. new mexico state police say they drof them to interstate 40 in albuquerque and the driver shot by police and told he has a history on convictions. i'm jamie colby, on cavuto on business. keep it here on fox. >> they're scanning, should you be running? a report says that the airport security scanners might keep things safe when you're up there, but over time, the potential radiation exposure could make you sick down here, really stick. the request for more information and the tsa ain't offering it which has a lot of folks like charles saying enough. >> by the way this is a microcosm of what's going on. the big picture, the president, the executive branch, usurping power fr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)